Sustainable Color Management

“Cold hearted orb that rules the night , removes the colours from our sight, Red is grey and yellow white, But we decide which is right, and which is an illusion?”

-Graem Edge (Moody Blues)


Chuck Spontelli (Consultant and Owner) – Sustainable Color Management

Chuck’s passion for color began as a graduate student in Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Printing. After graduating with a Master of Science degree, Chuck has been sharing his color experiences ever since. 

He is a teacher and color consultant. Whether it’s printing, photography, or helping brand owners, Chuck shares his expertise freely. He teaches classes in color and printing in the Visual Communication Technology program at Bowling Green State University. With his color mentor William ‘Bill’ Birkett, he is a co-developer, of the Spot Color Tone Value measurement (ISO 20654:2017). Color measurement instruments sold world-wide carry the SCTV measurement.

Sustainable Color Management:

In his consulting work, Chuck is devoted to sustainable color management. He will study and resolve the color problem at hand. Then he will explain the underlying concepts, provide the tools, and show you how to fix color issues yourself. This is sustainable color management. You could say it is a DYI attitude about regulating color. He says, “you can call me for the tricky color problems; I will show you how to fix the ordinary stuff yourself.”


Color Printing Calibration – CMYK+

Because print buyers demand it, it is essential that all color printing processes print predictably and consistently. We help printers do just that. Printing predictably means matching pre-press color proofs. In critical color printing situations, it is typical for the printer to ask a client to approve and “sign-off” on a hard-copy color proof. Because inkjet devices have a larger color gamut than CMYK-offset, most color proofs are printed with color managed inkjet. We meticulously profile inkjets for color management and proofing. We developed PressCal and the Optimal Method.

To insure the best possible match between the inkjet proof and any printing standard e.g. GRACoL 2013, our FREE PressCal software creates calibration curves for the most common Digital Front Ends DFEs from FUJI, XITRON, KODAK, ESKO, AGFA, EFI, HP, HARLEQUIN, and SCREEN.


What We Do:

• Meticulous calibration and color profiling of inkjet proofers and RIPs

• Precise color matching of proofs to reference ISO color standards (e.g. GRACoL 2013, FOGRA 51, etc.)

• Provide FREE PressCal  software to match reference standards

• Create Optimal calibration curves for press matches to G7 grays, GRACoL, or any characterized reference printing condition (CRPC.)

• Provide FREE PressCal  software to linearize printing to Spot Color Tone Value SCTV (ISO 20654:2017)


• Provide FREE PressCal  software to create Optimal calibration curves to match the TVI (‘A’ – ‘E’) of ISO standard printing (ISO 12647-2:2013)

• Free PressCal software builds calibration curves for DFEs from FUJI, XITRON, KODAK, ESKO, AGFA, EFI, HP, HARLEQUIN, and SCREEN.

• User-friendly color training, the essence of sustainable color management

• Provide Optimal calibration to extended gamut (CMYK+) printing

Sustainable Color Managment

Color management (CM), is an important concept for anyone working with brand colors or color images. The idea of color management is simple – keep color appearance the same wherever it is output and viewed. Whether you want to maintain the look of your color from one display to another, or from display to printer, or from one printer to another, CM enables you to do that.

Color management doesn’t improve the color of your image. If your image is too yellow, CM will keep it yellow. But once you achieve the exact color appearance you want, CM will keep that color appearance consistent wherever it is produced and interpreted.

We practice sustainable color management. We want our work to continue with you after we have finished. We feel you can sustain accurate color with some well-chosen guidance and FREE color software that we will consign to you. The free software is called PressCal. It can make accurate curves used to calibrate any color printing device and much more. PressCal also gives you an extensive amount of color data about your printing system. This allows you to troubleshoot many color problems yourself. That is sustainable color management. You won’t need to call someone every time your color results aren’t what you expected.

A Universal Curve Building Tool

PressCal 16U is a powerful tool for building tone reproduction curves. It began as a demonstration of the Optimal Method, and now supports the older legacy methods, TVI, G7, and SCTV. PressCal uses standard mathematical techniques employed by scientists and engineers, to make perfect curves for any printing process. It’s now the best curve building tool available, and it’s free.

PressCal is also an effective color printing analysis and development tool for print color specialists. The color calculations and data delivered by PressCal can provide valuable insights into a multitude of interactions between the many variables of a multi-color printing process. It will tell you how well you are matching any standard printing reference.

We (the authors) are practicing print consultants. We developed PressCal based on our experience with clients. We like our consulting work, and don’t want to be in the software business. Our business model is very straightforward. Our software tools are free. If you want our help using them, we charge for that. We hope our users will be, or will become, self-sufficient.

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